Evangelism Tools

Type in neighborhood evangelism into the google browers and you’ll get 447,000 mas o menos results. I’m sure there are some really helpful tools, ideas, techniques, etc in there, but I’m not gonna use any of them.

My style of evangelism tends to focus around the thing that I enjoy. My first method was the pecan pie method. It was great and opened a door into my neighbors life. We have been friends for 7 years now and I’m excited to have a new brother and sister in Christ.

I’ve always got my eyes open for different ways to get involved in the lives of people. We have been pretty successful with our neighborhood BBQ’s and Movie Nights… but this next idea I’m sure will be a hit.

Are you ready for it? Tomato Evangelism… that’s right… tomatoes and I’m not talking about Veggie Tales’ Bob the Tomato. We’re talking fresh tomatoes for Christ. If you’ve ever eaten tomatoes right off the plant you know how good they are and if you’ve been reading (all two of you) for a while, you know we started a garden a month or so ago. Well, we’ve got three plants full of green tomatoes just waiting to turn red and give their lives for the cause.

Of course I’m being a bit sarcastic, but at the same time I’m completely serious. I’m not sure if vegetables have ever been used to create opportunities for Christ, but they will be on my street within the next few weeks. I believe pretty much anything can be used to make a connection with your neighbors and once a connection is made there is an opportunity coming down the road. I love meeting people and talking with them, getting to know them. My wife thinks I’m a bit odd. I’ll be in line at the buffet and by the end of the line some old lady will be giving me a hug, or we’ll be sharing a recipe for home made whip cream frosting… that’s just an example… it’s not like that really happened or anything.

Anyway… what started as a father/daughter project has planted in my mind an idea to share something with our neighbors.

Now what happens when someone doesn’t want anything to do with Jesus. Well first of all it’s not like I say, “hey you want a tomato? well you have to let me tell you about Jesus first.” I’ve never been like that. I’m actually a rather slow talker when it comes to Jesus. Partly because I’m a chicken, and partly because I’m overly sensative to coming across as a shallow salesman. I really do just like getting to know people. An opportunity to talk about Jesus and faith comes with time… sometimes it is quick and sometimes it takes a year or more… I’ve been waiting 18 years for a friend of mine… and thank God it has come. With others it happens after one cup of coffee.

I believe Christians should make a difference in their neighborhood whether or not anyone accepts Jesus. The world should just be a better place because Christians live here.

Okay… so this is so much longer than I thought it was going to be. I’ll get ya some pictures of my evagelistic tomatoes soon.


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