Back from the dead

It’s been a long time since my bike has been out on the road…. it hasn’t been registered since 2000, which I can’t believe was the last time I road it. I remember a few times while Abby’s been alive. It was a gift from the sister n law; a 1972 Yamaha TX650. It took quite a bit of cleaning up and work to get it running, but it’s now ready for the ole inspection and registration sticker.

I enjoy riding. Actually took a safety course and learned a ton. I’d recommend taking a class to anyone.

Don’t follow my example in riding… I’m pretty much doing everything wrong as far as what to wear when riding… no helmet, no gloves, no long sleeves, no long pants, no over the ankle shoes… yeah pretty much all wrong. But my daughter came out to tell me to get the helmet on. She’s been hang’n with her momma. At an attempt to justify myself, I was just seeing if I had gotten everything right… which is probably the best time to wear all the gear since I didn’t know how it was gonna run.

Anyway I’m excited to have it all back together again… and actually running well for a 35 year old bike.

See ya on the road!


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  1. As I was reading I was thinking about my old buddy Dave who always made me were a helmet, gloves, long pants, and a sturdy jacket. I loved being on the back of the bike with him. Enjoy the ride.

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