They went back…

At our Paseo: Home (a westside home church) we have been working through the book of Acts. Originally we intended to make it a chapter a week deal… well we are going on three months and just finished the fourth chapter… we’re the remedial group I guess. I have actually really loved digging through Acts and look forward to the rest.

This past week we looked at chapter four and after being confronted by chief priests, leaders, temple guard, etc. Peter and John get a chance to explain why they did what they did, how it happened and how they plan to continue to follow God’s lead. All this is pretty cool… and as the interaction comes to an end Peter and John head back and report all that had happened.

It is here that I have been stuck in thought mode. Originally when we discussed last Thursday we talked about how it’s good for us to report what God is doing in our lives and in the world. I still think that is important and can be really powerful and encouraging.

What I’ve been thinking about most recently however is the fact that Peter and John had this group to go back to. They had a group of people that were an encouragment to them, supported them, pushed them maybe, corrected them maybe, backed them up, prayed for them. I think this group of people this early band of Jesus followers were following the new command that Jesus left them. To love on another as Christ loved them. I think that this early group loving each other had a huge impact on the people around them. Instead tucking tail and hitt’n the road they all together praised God for the interaction and therefore Peter and John as well as others were able to go back out again.

Jesus told us that he came to give us a life, a life to the full. He says Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Alone we are easy targets. However, when we find ourselves surrounded by followers of Jesus who encourage us, push us, pray for us, I think we experience that full life… when the Body of Christ loves as Christ loved the world will take notice and like the chief priests, leaders, temple guards… the world will say, “hey these people, these people have been with Jesus.”


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