Strike’em dead…

There’s a good evangelistic model to follow. When someone lies… kill them. I’m reading through chapter 5 of Acts and I’m thinking, “Jesus says you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth” back in chapter one and now in chapter 5 people are getting killed.

I struck by it a bit I guess. We (maybe it’s not we, it just feels like we) think we have to make becoming a Christian easy or people won’t want anything to do with it. But here in Chapter 5 people are dying. Yeah it has a huge effect on people, they stopped coming around the Apostles… but as you read, it says more and more people believed and were added to their number.

This was serious stuff, hard stuff, scary stuff and more people were added to their number.

I guess I’m amazed by this… we (there I go again) set the bar low, or are nervous about setting it too high.

I’m amazed at the boldness of Peter after the resurrection… I think maybe the pre-resurrection Peter would set the bar low… not anymore.


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  1. Michael David Williamson

    I think the church in America is hurting itself by trying to make being a christian safe or easy. The truth of the matter is that the scriptures never tell us it will be safe or easy. Christ’s burden may be light but not safe or easy.

    I really think the church would benifit if instead of trying to make it safe we presented it as worth dieing for. I know (for me) there is nothing that is worth more than Jesus and if I have to die for him I am willing.

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