Yesterday I took the day and headed out to hike. Most people would look at El Paso, would… might not be the word… “do” look at El Paso and the area and think why would anyone want to live there.

Well aside from no natural disasters, the ability to get outside and hike, ride or climb is pretty amazing. 
Yesterday I found another reason to enjoy our area and the outdoors. I headed a half hour away to Las Cruces and headed to this area called Dripping Springs, which has some pretty cool history dating back to the mid 1800’s. I’m going back again this weekend, because I spent most of my time just rushing through the 5+ miles of trails to make sure my kids could handle them.
On that hike in the desert where you can find rattle snakes and about 1000 different kinds of grasshoppers and plenty of  cactus I found this waterfall. It was pretty cool to hike through the brush, sand, and right up to this place. I had it to myself to enjoy and snap a few pictures before I needed to get back to El Paso, but I look forward to heading back up and spending some time.
In our area we also have some world class climbing, plenty of mountain biking trails, camping and fishing within two hours, another country and culture which drives some people crazy, but is beautiful in its own. The desert southwest is really a pretty cool place to live.

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