Passing The Baton

Parenting is both a joy and a struggle at times. If you’ve yet to experience the struggle, don’t worry that time will come soon enough. Sometimes though as a father you get to enjoy the victory of a lesson taught, passed on and grasped by your child. At least a lesson you intended to pass on. Recently, I was able experience just such a victory.

Everyone knows how dirty public bathrooms can be and often are. So from an early age I have tried to instill in my son and daughter the fine art of balancing on one foot while flushing the public toilet with the other foot.

Well recently my lovely bride took my son to the bathroom and while she tried to flush he said wait it’s dirty and proceeded to flush the toilet with the balancing trick I had shown him.

Yes in the job of child raising it’s important to take joy in the small victories, no matter how small.

Now if I can just get the boy to lift the seat.


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