Feeling At Home

It has been nearly two years since we began having church in our home. It has been good, real good sometimes, and on occasion, well sometimes we’re tired and it’s hard. Over this, let’s say 18 months we have sent two groups out and they have started their own churches in their homes. One of those has even sent out their own too. Pretty cool.

Last week we had a person join us for the first time. It was good. I enjoy having new people in our home, but at the same time the old feelings creep in… what will they think? Will they like us? Etc.
Well today we heard from the family that invited our new friend. And we heard what she thought… “I have never felt so at home since I have lived in El Paso.” Now she could have only moved here the day before, but probably not. This is the deal for us. A paseo: home is a place where people can come and feel at home. They can experience community like no where else. They can hear about Jesus and begin to see what it means to follow him.
Are there people out there looking for a place to belong? You bet! Could your home provide that place? I have no doubt. Put some food on the table. Listen to their story. And trust God to do the rest. We had pizza, we talked about a narrow path to a new way of life… a life focused on the heart (Mat 7).
I can wait to get to know her more and hear her stories… I have no doubt there are some crazy ones.

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