Four Days til Beagle

We have had a beagle in our home for longer than we have had kids. We have had two beagles in our home longer than we have had kids if we’re getting technical about it… and if you ask Greg that’s the kind of guy I am… whether it’s true or not I don’t know… but my nickname was all business in college… because of that small inability to do the small talk… it eludes me. It frustrates me sometimes too… I’ve even prayed about it… I know weird, but wow, I’m way off subject now.

Anyway… Beagles… yeah… we lost one, not like down the street, but she died and we’ve been without her for about a month now I think.
Well even though we miss her, our other beagle misses her more. They are pack dogs and they need their family… going it alone isn’t really and option (there’s probably a lesson in there for us somewhere too). Anyway she’s been barking and howling and being a shadow to anyone who won’t kick her to get her off their heels.
So this Saturday we’ll be bringing her home a new sister… a lemon beagle. The kids are excited, momma is excited and I’m a little bit excited too… I sure that will fade though the first night we have her and she does her business on the carpet.

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