Not the award, my great grandmother. We called her Grammy. Her house was great, it had big columns out front a big front yard and back yard too (possibly a childhood sized memory playing into the big-ness of the yard). When we went over to Grammy’s house on most holidays, us and the cousins would spend most of our time out back.

She had some big old douglas fir trees in the backyard. We’d climb and climb… and get covered in pitch. I miss the trees in Oregon… so many trees you can’t see the horizon. At least from the Cascades west (Eastern Oregon is a bit more open).
Here in El Paso we don’t have the number of trees that I accustomed to growing up. BUT the family that owned our house before us would get Christmas trees that could be planted after the holidays. So at our house we have four big (not huge, but big enough) pine trees. I’m excited about this, first of all, because I like pulling into the driveway and getting out of the car and smelling pine. It’s a great thing, it reminds me of camping and Christmas, which is only 78 days away. Secondly, because my kids can climb them. I love that even in my small part of the desert where few trees exist, my kids can be kids and have adventures up in the tops of trees.

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