Life Along The Border

Living along the southern border something that I really do enjoy. Of course my homeland, some would say, God’s country… well yes of course I’d love to live there, but El Paso, the border town, far west Texas town is what we, the Jolly’s, call home now. We’ve been here 13 years and actually enjoy it. We’ve had a few chances to leave and to some, amazingly have chosen to stay.

Here we have our share of issues… pollution from lax environmental regulation, illegal immigration, education stresses because of the influx of non-residents in the schools, medical stress from the same. Aside from that and I not making light of those issues, but aside from those we really love our city.
The language is something we love… I wish I spoke a number of languages, but spanish and english will do for now. The cultural influence as well is something that we enjoy. For some coming to El Paso is a major adjustment… the idea of manana does take some getting used. While it is a pain sometimes, it is also very freeing knowing that forgiveness for a time delay can be experienced. Relationships are big here. Once you have one you have one forever. And that friendship can be counted on… they’ll do almost anything and everything for you. Oh and we don’t want to forget the food. All over El Paso there great Mexican food restaurants.
Although I don’t live in the northwest any longer, there are mountains and fishing, climbing and history… we have a college bowl game too.
What do you like about El Paso?

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