an odd spot…

At a few different times in my life I find myself in an odd place. Right now… I’m in one of those places… the same kind of spot, but this time it’s got different twist to it. I have no control this time. I can only let go and see what happens. Afterwards… I’ll have some control, but right now… I just get to ride.

On another note… the garage sale at paseo: hub is over. We have some talented sales people in our midst. Santa and Diana were great. We got to destroy some stuff too.
A couple of the hub neighbors stopped by which was pretty cool… two of them said that they used come by the church. As a matter of fact I heard a lot of “used to’s” from the neighbors who stopped by. Seems like the church which gathered at that building became un-needed by the neighborhood it sits right in the middle of. A sad statement… that when we took over the property, no one really cared that the previous occupiers were gone.
I hope that the new folks… us… will become a vital part of the neighborhood… instead of hardly being noticed at all.
To all those holding on for the ride… peace.

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