Do You Know Grandma?

Greg and I have already begun using the Hub for our regular Tuesday get together. It’s not finished, but it sure smells better than it did a week ago. Yesterday we met with the door open and the blinds too. It was great, I love this time of year in El Paso. That place it gonna be a great place. As I wrote in an earlier post… that we had neighbors swing by and tell us “about what used to happen” at the now named “HUB.” And what a sad statement it was that it has had such little impact in the past few years.

Well today we met another neighbor, “Grandma.” She lives across the street, right in front of the building. We now have met each of the neighbors immediate neighbors. Grandma never attended the church that used to gather there. Her husband she says, always said, “we’ll probably never be a part, but we’ll be good neighbors.” Sounds like Jesus speaking there somewhere. We assured her we’d be good neighbors too. She has lived in that house for a long time and both her and her daughter said that building was just a place where lived now and that they were excited to see that Sunday there were a bunch of people there. We held our first celebration up there with around 90 of our closest friends. She mentioned that she could even hear us and it didn’t bother her, she was excited.
I see us looking after Grandma in the years ahead as she is living there alone now. Yard work needs to be done soon. We’ll tackle that in the weeks ahead.
Here’s to our new good neighbor… Grandma. Oh and that’s not a picture of her BTW.

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