A Trust Walk

Looking down the road of life, it is sometimes if not always impossible to tell where it is going to twist and turn. Don’t believe me? Ask all the people who were holding out hope for the stock market two months ago. I have heard over and over again in the past three weeks about the huge, unimaginable to me, amounts of money lost in a matter of days.

Sometimes we have an idea of what is coming, but mostly I think us people walk in a sort of ignorant faith in the system. If we don’t think about it, well then we don’t worry. But what if we do think about it? Is there a way to not worry and think about it at the same time? Right now, I’m questioning that possibility. I have always said yep no problem. I have a tendency to trust that everything works out in the end. This has also always given me sense of peace in the midst of uncertainty. Right now I’m in the midst of looking down the road and not being able to see what’s around that corner. I think about it constantly if I’m honest, but do decent job of burying the uneasiness. I know that beyond the curve and the next one and the one after that, that everything will be cool… but right now looking this one in the face, it consumes my inner thoughts.
What am I doing about it? Reminding myself that God is in control. Imagining what could be positive around that corner. In my heart, not necessarily in my mind, I know that I stepped out in faith and God will honor that… how I’m not sure… part of that makes this time exciting, sort of.

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