How much is it too much…

We have from the beginning years ago when we added our oldest to the family been committed to not over doing the extra stuff available out there. Before school, after school, weekends, evenings… there are an unlimited number of opportunities for kids to be involved with. Some of it is great, some just good, but how much is too much? We didn’t want the kids to be so busy that they couldn’t be kids, we wanted them to be able to come home and play, not just rush off to the next thing. So we have for the most part kept them from any extra activities.

Last spring that changed. We put them in swimming lessons. In Oregon, swimming, at least when I was in elementary school, was a part of the curriculum. We would jump on the bus and head over to the public pool to learn to swim. Well here in the desert with limited water, I’m assuming that’s the reason, these aren’t part of the curriculum. So off we went. And it has been great. This past summer they did great.
Now, we took the plunged again and enrolled them into Karate. It at least at the three week point seems like a great decision. It has been very positive. I look forward to them advancing through belts and ability.


Today the were able to break boards and after some self-discipline and respect assignments for home and a safety course, they were able to wear white belts. They are now working on their punches and kicks, school work, and continuing some self-discipline work at home in order to receive their yellow belts. 

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