What now?

I don’t know who you voted for and in all honesty I don’t care. For some of you that probably drives you crazy. I don’t mean to say that I don’t care what you care about or what concerns you. It doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in why you thought so and so was the best choice. It doesn’t mean that I think the changing of a nation, whether you believe it is changing for the better or the worse, is not important.
I think that it is.
But what I hope you understand, what I hope that you remember is that no matter who spends a few years living in that big white house, the truth is, the reality is that he doesn’t live in the house next to you. He doesn’t know them, he doesn’t hear them, he doesn’t in all reality care that much. He doesn’t live next door to you.
Regardless of who you voted for, your responsibility hasn’t changed…
No matter who you think was a better candidate, you still have some work to do…
Whether or not you think our nation is going to prosper like never before or headed down hill, you… still… have… a… neighbor.
And what do I know about that neighbor? Enough. They have bills to pay. They probably owe to much on stuff that isn’t worth what they owe. Their marriage is struggling, their kids are being bullied or tempted or experimenting with any number of things. They just lost their job, they just lost a loved one.
Oh they look like they have it together, they’ll say they’re fine…
But no matter who lives in that nice white house… they are not your neighbor, someone else is and what do you need to do now?
You have two of the easiest months to start doing just that. You want to see some change, some change for good? “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.”
The hope that people have in a president, whichever one, will soon pass… but hope that endures, you have the ability to extend that! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.

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