Almost 14 years and still learning…

So being the incredibly in tune, caring and sensitive husband that I am, I do try to shower gifts, praise and attention on my wife every now and then… not the normal everyday praise and showering in tune kind of stuff (that sadly I don’t do very well everyday).

But, I digress, I do try on a semi-regular basis to go out of the way, to go the extra mile, to… you get the picture.
So this past week, my wife, had a pretty cool, tiring but cool week, so I thought in advance that I’d treat her to some R&R at a “nice” restaurant and hotel in town. “Nice” meaning the reputation it has, does not live up to the actual experience that they provide. That might be another post… but not the point of this one.
So getting to the point then… after 13, nearly 14 years of marriage you’d think yeah he should get it by now, he should know what his wife likes. Yeah he should, but he and most husbands I imagine can suffer from a lack of conscious observation. Oh I try, you can ask her, I try to get it right, but after all this time, I still blow it. I guess trying is the way to blow it versus not trying at all.
But I’m the type of guy to go out, at night, late, or out of town, far like South America, or the nearest forest, two hours away to go camping. And sometimes I think, yeah this is what she’ll like, this’ll show her that I do appreciate her and love her and… well that’s where the learning comes in… should have come in a while back.
My wife loves to stay home, snuggle up under the covers with some hot chocolate and a good book. I like that every so often, but not as much. She likes a bath with soft music (which btw you shouldn’t try to do at the aforementioned hotel… I should have taken a picture… have you seen the money pit, yeah something like that).
Anyway this is the post for the guys out there, married or want to be married someday guys. What does your wife enjoy? Not what you think would be cool, fun, exciting, but what does she like, enjoy, what would give her the night off? It might not be going out, it could be you doing the laundry, or washing the dishes. For example, I have one friend that when he does the laundry, he’s gonna get some loving attention from his wife.
I’m still learning.This weekend it sunk in a bit more than it has in the past. 13 years later is better than never. Most men enjoy adventure… being married is kinda like that, everyday is a new day with your bride… oh some times it’s the same, but you’re never really sure, gotta be on your toes. Enjoy the adventure the excitement, the joy of discovering and learning new things about your wife… even 13 years later.
I love you babe!

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