The Book List

This isn’t a list of the greatest books or worst books I’ve ever/never read. This is the list in picture of the books that I have started, said I would start, or want to start reading and have not yet gotten around to finishing.

I haven’t always been much of a reader… actually in the fourth grade I had to be taken out of class to go to one of those “special” classes to get help with my reading. I even earned a special Mickey Mouse pin for doing so well. Yeah me.
Anyway, I now rather enjoy reading. It’s just sometimes I really roll through the books. Sometimes it’s a task to get through one. So my goal… power through half my stack of books… if not all of them by the end of the year. I’ll pass some on if you like to read.
You have a stack of unreads laying around? What have you read this year you’d recommend, not recommend?

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