My Day Off…

Friday’s are usually days when I go and do something just for Steve… that would be me. Well this Friday (today) I didn’t really take a day off for Steve, but I did enjoy my day. I get to keep tabs on the stuff going on in the community in my job, looking for opportunities for serving for our paseo people and whoever likes to help people out. So every now and then I’ll search online and see what I can find in the area… and last week or a couple weeks ago, I can’t remember, I found these people… Kristin and Emmanuel. They are (I’m totally guessing) in their mid-twenties. They are down in Juarez and over a year ago started a children’s home. They have a number of children in the home and are providing them with a place to live, sleep, eat and receive both the love that they have to offer and the love of Jesus. The children have experienced some of the worst situations and now are experiencing some of the best. They didn’t have a lot when they decided to start loving on kids, but moved out in faith. God did the rest by providing them an incredible building for these children. I love meeting people who have been touched by God and are giving up the life of luxury for a life of fulfillment in God’s Kingdom. Interested in visiting, donating or praying for them you can find more information here… Rivers of Mercy.


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