Turkey Day

Next week we celebrate the day of Thanks… by stuffing food, so much food that we tend to feel a bit well stuffed… like the turkey we just finished eating. If you’re a Cowboys fan (why anyone would be I don’t know) you have something to watch, if not you can take advantage of that time and crash out on the couch.

This year we’ve invited some of our neighbors over to enjoy dinner with us. We’re pretty excited about this really. We’ve been working at getting to know our neighbors through different activities, like our halloween carnival and movie nights or BBQ’s. This family is brand new to our neighborhood and as far as we know don’t have family in the city.
So along with them and we hope another family on our block, John and Abby, and maybe some others we’ll be enjoying friends, new and old, family and a bunch of good home cooked food.
You need a place to fall asleep this year on Thanksgiving after stuffing your face? We’d love to have ya over.

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