Every now and then…

I try to be vulnerable every now and then… let it all out there, you know show the true self behind the self. Sometimes I share what’s going on and sometimes well, sometimes I really like to be humble or humbled and well that happened this week. So here it goes… be kind to me… I’m fat and that’s not just a I’m looking in the mirror and I don’t like what I see kind of self-perception deal, it’s the truth and I have facts to back it up.

Yep I went to a self-humbling self-realization facility aka doctors office. And they said with all sorts of numbers, measurements, comparisons and charts to prove it to me that (all they needed to say was, “hey your fat”) I was indeed fat.

And just to drive that point home they took out a measuring tape. They wrapped it around different parts of my body to tell me that not just parts of me were indeed fat, but that a number of parts of me were indeed beyond what they considered to be the normal range. I will spare you the part about wrap it around your chest and make sure it is on your nipples part… that is just not a level of vulnerability that I am willing to express at this point in our relationship.

So anyway… I wish I could say that this was the end of my trek into vulnerablness, but I’d be lying. This is just the outside fat part… next I get to hear how, I’m not only unhealthy on the outside, but Friday I get to hear how unhealthy I am inside.

Isn’t one side of me enough. At this point I’m not going to complain too much, because in all honesty I’m glad it’s only two sides… the outside and inside and not the all “way too vulnerable” backside that is going to be checked.

I’ll leave you today with a great quote from a great movie, Fletch, “using the whole fist doc?”


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