"You &%*#$# Redneck"

So I was hanging out at Starbucks… I know I know… SHOCKING. It started out really well. I was able to touch base with a few friends and made a new one too. So after getting my coffee I read and hung out until Greg shows up.

At this point everything changes… because a little angry lady comes in and decides she needs to talk with us. Our first interaction, she comes over to us… me with an abundance of hair on face and head and my two friends no hair on heads.
Little Angry Lady (LAL)- “you guys look bad bald. Only black people look good bald you don’t.”
Two friends – “Okay”
LAL – “You guys need to grow your hair out, only black…”
Two friends – “Yeah we got it”
LAL – “$%#(@#” and she leaves to go get coffee.
We chat some more, I go sit with Greg and decide I need more nonfat in my coffee. LAL is at the end of the bar waiting for her coffee and she starts talking to me. She goes into how all people from Florida are lazy… changes and decides their are a few that are okay and then goes into the people who live in El Paso.
Me – “Uh huh… excuse me, can I get some more nonfat in here.”
LAL – “*&(&#(*$&# people is all you get here… &#$@@# people”
This goes on and on while I wait for someone to get me my nonfat.
LAL – more of the “#$^&$&… @#%$@^…. ^$@^$@3…”
ME – ” Ma’am I really don’t want to hear anymore.”
LAL – “I can say whatever the ##$(&&* I want.”
ME – “Yes, but I…
LAL – “$&(*&%”
I turn and head back to my seat with Greg… who wants to know what that was all about.
As she leaves she stops by my friends and reminds them how they look bald and then screams at me from across the room… “you #@$%$^$ redneck” and walks out the door.
I am sometimes blown away by my interactions with people. I’m also surprised that I’m a redneck.

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