Prince Caspian, Or…

Today on the way home from picking up my kids… we had a interesting conversation. A day or so Narnia’s Prince Caspian came out on DVD. So I rented and watched it last night to make sure I wouldn’t have to be woken up in the wee hours by my scared kids who dreamed about monsters and half human animals chasing them through the forest. Well knowing that I had pre-screened the movie, my daughter wanted to know if we would be watching it.

Here’s the conversation:
Me – “Come let’s get in the car.”
Abby – “Can I go to the bathroom?”
Me – “No, we’re headed straight home you can hold it.”
Abby – “Are we going to watch Prince Caspian?”
Me – “No probably not.”
Abby – “No, why not?”
Me – “Well, someday for sure, but not now.”
… … … time passes… … … …
Caleb – “Watch what?”
Abby – “Prince Caspian”
Caleb – “What?”
Abby – “Prince Caspian”
… … .. time passes… … …
Caleb – “Why do we want to watch cat’s pee’n?”

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