It’s been a couple days of cold for us here in El Paso. A change in 80+ degrees from just a few months ago. These past two mornings especially annoying because it has been in the 20’s and that means we have to scrape the windows.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the weather, the cold is good… kills all the bugs. Makes drinking coffee and hot chocolate more fun. I mean coffee when it’s 90 degrees outside just doesn’t make sense.
We’ve also got a fire in the fireplace now too. One of those fake jobs that look real. That’s pretty cool.
I’ve found a few leaks in the homestead too though, so I’m going to be doing some weather proofing the the residence to help keep those costs down and the cold out.
Oh and we had our first snow… nothing significant, except that it snowed in the desert and the mountains were white for a day. Can’t wait to make snowmen… maybe we’ll get a white Christmas… that’d would be great.

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