Resting Now

Last night I got the call… It’s the second time this year and I’m sick of it. I have lost a second friend this year. This time my friend was shot. I live along the southern border… across the river from Juarez. I spend a good number of years working in Juarez after leaving Oregon. Many of my friends were in Juarez before we had any in El Paso. We spent our work time there, and our home time there too. My friend was just an employee at first, a guy I met and hired and trained. The employee employer relationship changed pretty quickly to a friendship between he and I and our families.

After I quit working in Mexico we weren’t in touch as often, but we’d grab lunch every now and then when we could hook up. I’d stop in and see his kids and his wife. She took care of our kids for a number of months. We worked through marriage issues together and he would do anything and everything for me, no matter what, at any time.
Now he’s gone. He wasn’t perfect… he had a sketchy past, we all have dirt. Well this week I lost a friend too soon,  too young. It’s still a bit foggy in my head right now. Violence has been pretty bad this year across the border. Now it’s hitting too close to home. A bad decision… and argument led to another bad decision and he’s added to the long list of lost this year.
Rest my friend.

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