The Hallelujah’s

*Note – Lacking ideas to blog on? Take your kids to the grocery store for inspiration.

As I wrote earlier it had been some time since I had anything of importance or life changing to write about, but then it happened… we went to the store. Tomorrow school is back in session so we needed some lunch fix’ns.
As we made our way through the store… said hi to our friends Sean and Oliver, we headed on our way to find bread. As we headed down the isle Caleb comes running back to us… “I found the hallelujah’s.” Abby and I look at each other with ???? on our faces.
We continue down the isle to the recent find from my son. 
Yes dessert…. little debbie type deserts, twinkies, cupcakes, ding dongs… these are the hallelujahs. You know when something good happens and you bust out in song… HALLELUJAH…. HALLELUJAH… etc, etc. (well maybe just us). 
We stand back and watch as my son sings out his new found joy.

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  1. ahhh, that’s cute and funny! We were in the store today and the only thing that happened was when we were in the bathroom and Ivy said, “I love Daddy.”

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