Day two complete…

…. with sore abs and a headache. Yes the Thursday night class did a number on me… some 200 or so sit ups… I lost count when the room started to spin and blur. At least the instructor was generous, in that while we were doing sit ups, another pain seeker punched me in the gut, you know to add a little excitement to the whole experience. “Not too hard though,” he says.

I guess I could have tapped out, you know like when Nacho did with El Eskeleto in Nacho Libre fighting those two little furry gerbil animals, but at that point I was somewhat delirious with the whole lack of oxygen.
Tomorrow though I get my first belt. White. My kids will be moving onto their yellows and let me tell you they are quite excited. Yes tomorrow I’ll be a white belt after I break a board. Let me repeat that… after… I… break… a… board. You can be impressed, well you can be impressed if I pull it off.
Anyway… if you’re lucky and the technology gods look down on us tomorrow, I’ll have a video to share with you… the technology gods would be blessing my wife with the whole ability to record the whole event.
So as you kneel down to pray, remember my fists in your prayers and specifically that nothing gets broken.

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