Chuck me and Chevy

golf1As you know I started Karate last week. It has been pretty good… except for the nasty headache last week… that wasn’t so good. But now we’ve kind of broken through that and tonight was a good night. We’ve also begun learning to use a weapon, a sword.

Speaking of swords I’ve started taking lessons from another master… he would be Chevy Chase. He is a master of another type of sword, the 1 wood. Yep I taking another step into another world that has previously been off my radar… that would be the world of the par 3, 4 and 5. It is a new world of slices and hooks, irons, putters and woods. Things previously unknown to me. In this new world I hit 117, which if I’m completely honest isn’t so good, at least that’s what I hear. Soon I’ll be under 100. A goal for 2009… I’ll share a few of my other goals in the next post.


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