Your most important relationships…

countdown2009… 13 days already gone. Have you set goals? Have you committed to resolutions and already left them for next year… maybe?

Take a second and think about this… what are your most important relationships? Are you married? Have kids? Co-workers? Friends? Who are they? The most important? How many can you really invest in at any significant level?

You’ve almost lost a month of 2009… it’s already moving quickly. Who do you want to invest in, in time you have left? Who is the most important? How would they know it?

I find it easy to get so caught up in work that if I’m honest I don’t spend as much time with my kids as I should. Honestly, I probably, no I know that I have a job and a staff that allows me the time I need, but I imagine like most people I get caught up in silly stuff that could be spent investing in my kids.

So yesterday I took my kids to Applebees on the way home from school to eat a brownie ice cream dessert. It was good both to spend some time alone with my kids, and the brownie was good too. Don’t tell my wife or my trainer, I’ll let them know if I want them too.

I also joined Karate. If you’ve been following this blog you know that already. But what you don’t know really is that I have done it more for my kids than for the karate. I enjoy the connection we have through it. We practice together and we get to encourage each other.  I don’t want them to ever doubt their value to me. I want them to know that I enjoy spending time with them. That they are important.


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