In a neighborhood.

What is your neighborhood like? Do you have neighbors or do people just live near and around you?

In our neighborhood we have both. Each family has a story and my guess is their stories are deeper and more complex than we could even imagine. And it is easier to let those stories stay trapped behind their closed garage doors. To find out takes all kind of energy, patience, and a belief that it is worth it.

So who lives next door to you? Do you care? It’s easy not to… I know, I mean it’s easier to drive to Starbucks get a venti and plug in the earbuds. Not connect.

BUT… if you do, if you take that step and try to, it is worth it. The energy expended whether it is physical baking something and walking it over or emotional because you have to walk through hard times together,  or spiritual as you speak and apply truth into their situation, it is worth it. Not easy, but worth it.

Who lives in your neighborhood? How do we find out?


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