The White Garage Door

whitegarage1Across the street from us there is a house with a white garage. That’s about all I know about her. Oh and she drives a gold Honda CRV. Other than that no one knows her. I know she’s almost home, because her garage opens before she gets to her house and they’re closing before she gets in parked.

The only interaction I’ve had with her is when they were just moved in their dog got out and I got it. When I approached them… “Yeah what do you want.” No thank you, nothing. That was over a year ago.

She is not really a neighbor, I’d love her to be, but she is from her actions just living in the general area.

So from the previous post, how would you suggest engaging this situation? I’m sure you have people in your neighborhood who are like this. Probably people who are more open to interaction. Your thoughts? Do we blow them off?

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