Hope and Change

oathI don’t know where you land on the political scene but today was an incredible day. I hope that you can appreciate how far we have come as a nation. I know people have very high expectations for President Obama and I wish him success over the next four years as president.

BUT what I want you to know and remember is this… you have neighbors… coworkers… and you have friends who President Obama doesn’t know and will never know. But you do. You have the chance to make an incredible difference in their lives. I hope you’ll start this week… not because Obama is president, but because you can.

So tonight pray for the safety of the Obamas, pray for his wisdom in the days, weeks, months and years ahead as he leads this country.

BUT start tonight praying for your neighbor… coworker… and friends. Pray that over the days, weeks, months and years ahead they may become aware of Jesus and that he loves them very much.

AND start this week meeting their needs… not with random acts of kindness, but with intentional acts of love. Give them the picture tangibly of Jesus’ love for them.

Do that and I can tell you that four years from now whether or not Barack Obama is an incredible President or a horrible one, you will have made your part of the United States a better one. You will have spent four years bringing Hope and Change you and your friends can believe in.


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