Two little letters

noTwo little letters. I’ve heard them a lot over the years. I guess if I think about it, I’ve probably heard them since well birth. I don’t like them. I don’t like to hear them whatever form they come in.

This week, I’ve had the great blessing of hearing them a number of times, too many for my mind to count up right now. Like I said I don’t like to hear the N…. O…. If I’m honest though I’d rather just get the NO right from the get go, not a long reason why NO is the only option. Today I was blown away by one no… why would you want to start another church on the west side we already have one. I’m not really upset with that, just blown away by the lack of Kingdom wide view of things and not just my corner of my city being the kingdom.

Anyway, that last couple days have been full of NO’s. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. We did get a few here use this for free’s. We’re checking it out and evaluating… it’s kinda small and God bless them people just keep wanting to come and be a part of Paseo… and size actually does matter.

If you’re reading this and you believe in God answering prayer… send a few out about Int Business College on the west side. We’ve got an ask in there and it would be I think a good deal. Pray for three letters… Y… E… S.

But God has said NO before and we have lived to talk about it. He’s provided other things for us. TODAY though I want a yes sooner than later.

We have had an incredible family offer us their facility the past couple of months. RIPE Eatery. Becky and Adam have been very gracious to us and lent us their space. You should go in and eat there and say thanks for being so cool… and for having great food. My favorite… house salad with chicken or salmon for lunch. Or go for the pick two and get the house salad and the BLT & A sandwich. Others have enjoyed the meatloaf.

Talk at ya later.

As I got ready to send this off to the publisher I got a phone call and we got a YES not from IBC but from another place for our kids… so we may have light for another month. Pray for another YES tomorrow, cause we’re working on a time change.


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  1. Got a yes from the dance studio and from Ripe to change the times so we’ll be set for the month of February.

    IBC is out. Bummed by that, but at this point not too surprised.

    Looking for the next step when we’re too big. Keep praying

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