disciplineI always hated discipline growing up. There were plenty of occasions for it and my dad believed it needed to hurt… not abusive, but painful nonetheless. My mom too. Spanking was a common occurrence and it usually involved some sort of instrument just for emphasis.

I don’t have an issue with spanking kids. Abusing them, yes, big problem with that. If you don’t spank, good. I don’t think you’re better or worse for spanking or not spanking.

Discipline is important. I believe it is tool to prepare children for the real world that they are growing up in and will someday have to function in on their own without you watching their every move.

It’s not so much the method of discipline as the reason for the discipline. It’s not for frustration release, it’s not to get your anger out… go kick your dog if you need that, okay all you PETA people… don’t kick the dog, go run around the block… and then kick… your car… or your neighbors dog. It’s not to instill fear into your kids. It’s to help them learn right from wrong and that the wrong choice will bring with it consequences. So IMHO there isn’t a right or wrong better or worse form of discipline, but it’s the form that will teach that there is a consequence for that particular action, whatever it is. (I know there are good consequences too for good and appropriate behavior… but were talking about discipline here… so bad consequences)

Consequences are a reality of this world we live in. I hope my kids will learn some of the consequences, early on in a safe place here,while I get to have them under my roof. It is not something I enjoy in the moment, disciplining my kids, but it is something that I will enjoy much less later if I avoid it now.

It doesn’t make it any easier though.

What are your thoughts? Spanking? No Spanking? Switch? Timeouts, Corner?


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