eI’ve taken the plunge. I’m trying to sell something on Ebay. I have bought a few things before, but I have never sold anything. It’s right here if you’re interested. And if your not… hey throw a bid in there any way and jack up the price for me. Help a guy out.

Why are you selling this thing? Well, back in high school I used to enjoy taking pictures. I enjoyed art. I was pretty good at it too… one time, in college, my professor wanted to put some of my art in a show… but that has been too many years to ago and I don’t really want to think about it right now.

But I did enjoy photography and so I was thinking I would upgrade our point and shoot a bit to something with more options… but I just couldn’t get the feel for the camera… I’ll blame it on the fact that I used to use Nikon and this was a Canon. It couldn’t be the shooter.

Always blame the equipment.

Anyway… I’m gonna go back to a point and shoot for now. Maybe later I’ll get a nicer DSLR. Yep I’m throwing out the big acronyms.

Anyway… Ebay here I come. I’m thinking about all the junk in my garage I can sell off now.


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