Tuesday follow up…


So I was thinking about the post from yesterday and I wanted to share this story that relates a bit to yesterday…

Within our crowd (smallish type crowd) we had a guy who was hurting though. He’s pretty quiet most of the time and he doesn’t much talk to anyone. But within our crowd, this guy has a friend and they together took off and went to get some IHOP grub and I was pretty excited by that. Not because they left our gathering. But because we are actually cool with that happening… and they knew that if they needed to no one would think anything of it.

Because that’s what it is about. Not the crowd the mass, but the relationships within it. Where one guy can say to another, “I need to get out of here and talk.” And they can go grab some pancakes coffee and work some junk out.

I get excited about that crowd when I’m being swayed or moved, it’s exciting. I think of my 4 month old puppy, shaking all over, what’s going on, what’s going on. People are drawn to the crowd. But I really get excited about is when one guy can tell another guy honestly, “I’ve got some crap going on in my head and I need to talk to someone” and not be given a “well I’ll pray for you” and a pat on the shoulder, but instead, “Hey let’s go get some coffee.” And they work through it together.

That’s what it is about.


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