Ebay A Success

eYep I adventured into the world of Ebay and lived to talk about it. It was actually pretty cool and addicting. I was checking it once a day. BUT as the clock ticked down it was a few times a day then almost every hour and on the last day constantly throughout the day.

When the 10 minute mark arrived, I refreshed and refreshed watching as three people out bid each other… and when we hit 8 seconds left a silent stalker jumped in an purchased it with one bid. I didn’t make all the money back that I originally purchased the camera for, but it was nearly a year old and had some minor scratches on it, so I was pretty darn happy.

I’ve purchased my new camera, thanks to Circuit City going out of business and having nice discounts on the camera I was looking for. I’m sad about Circuit City though. They didn’t have the best costumer service in the world, which is usually pretty important to me, but we have purchased nearly every electronic item from them since moving here.

My kids are now nervous that I have a new camera to annoy them with.

So Ebay, two thumbs up my friends, cause that’s all I have.


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