Boy Scout Cookies

samoaThe season is upon us. The cookie season, and this guy likes the Samoas. I have tried and tried to convince my son that they are not good, that they actually are poison, but to no avail. What is this world coming to when my own son won’t heed my warnings?

Sadly for a select few other lovely flavors, like my previous favorite, Thin Mint, the Girl Scouts have felt the economic pinch and have reduced the number of cookies in each box. Again what is this world coming to? You can read about it here.

Even with the economy in some disarray and our governmental “officials” coming up with a plan, some of our little troopers are setting an example and loving on their troop leader generously… check it here.

Why the title? Boy Scout Cookies? Because my son takes issue with there not being any… he wants to eat Boy Scout Cookies not Girl Scout ones. But because of the Somoas he’ll deal with it, he guesses.


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