Things I Love

I love it when I’m driving, already over the speed limit (by 10 in this instance) and being tailgated by another person who thinks that’s not fast enough… I love that.

I love it when I go to Stabucks (my second home) to enjoy the java, a comfortable chair and a good read… But what I love more is when someone sits next to me, “looks like a nice place to read” and then proceeds to talk at me about the current political and economic situation and not remembering that he just said it looked like a nice place to read… “looked” as in before they sat down. I really love that.

I love it that, in February, I have to roll down my window to feel the breeze when I drive because it’s too warm with the windows up… It’s been in the 70’s…. did I mention it’s February? I actually do really love that.

Those are just a few of things I love.


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  1. I need to add that I also love that two days later, after the mid seventies day, I can walk out of the house to snow falling.

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