Honorary Fat Belt


Some of you know that about 6 months ago we got our kids involved in Karate. Fewer of you probably know that I joined them recently as well. It has been interesting and I’ll say that it is a much harder work out than you think from the seating area. I come out of there pretty sweaty.

Tonight was a fun night… within five minutes I hurt myself. I was a bit over zealous and / or didn’t stretch or warm up enough and pull something in my arm which made the rest of the night hurt when we worked on various forms of punches.

At the end of classes now and then however the instructor gives out honorary black belts to people who work hard. Well I was given that honor. I’m not 

really interested in getting it, I’m hoping to get some new skills and to get into some sort of shape.


What’s funny is that as the assistant was putting the honorary belt around my waste in front of the class it became pretty clear, at least to me that it wasn’t going to fit too well. He however was going to attempt to tie it. Here is 

a picture you should enjoy… and you can see why we (my kids, wife and I) changed the name to Honorary Fat Belt.


The first picture is how it is supposed to look … when tied correctly… well normally they wrap it around twice… however they obviously didn’t have my size… so this picture is only once around my fit torso.

Pray for me… ice and advil seem to be working… at least for the time being.


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  1. you’re awesome. I’m so impressed.

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