Paseo: Homes… easy?

I sent out an email to each of our Paseo: Home hosts yesterday. I wanted to get some feedback, some… what do you like, hate, what frustrates you, what’s hard, what are you looking forward to kind of feedback.

You see I’ve been at this for two years now. I enjoy it, I like having people over, I enjoy spending time with people, really all the time. I might not be fully engaged, bouncing off the walls, but I would rather sit on the couch with someone rather than alone. I can be on a ten day trip and get home and want to go spend an hour with the neighbors when I get there. It energizes me…

… so for me, I need feedback. I need to hear from people, because to a certain degree I’ve lost my perspective. It has become part of my weekly routine.

Right now our group is connecting like no other we’ve had before. Next week we’re taking the week off and they talked about getting together on their own… cause we’re (Anne and I) are going to a concert. I LOVE that they want to see each other every week. I love that they text me and make sure we’re getting together and now that they want to do it without us. They’re getting it, they’re becoming more than just acquaintances.

That’s what can happen in a Paseo: Home. I look forward to the months ahead.


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  1. Yep…yep…I bet no P: home like ours!! way to go!! 😀

  2. You all help make it. So glad you’re a part. Nos watchamos pronto.

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