Why Write?

I’ve been thinking about this lately… Why write? Why take the time?

It does take some time out of my day… not too much, but sometimes I’m like oh crap I didn’t post something. I forgot, or the week just rushed by and it’s been four days and no post. So why take the time and why worry about it.  A blog nowadays is, well they’re a dime a dozen. Millions of them more being added every single day. A graph from about two years ago show 112 million and nearly 200,000 being added daily, so that would make the number of blogs way up there…

… but the number of blogs out there hardly justifies having one…. SO WHY?

I don’t really have the answer. When I originally started blogging it was private. I was using it as a journal. It was for me. Sometimes I still write for that purpose for sure, for me. Get some of the things bouncing around in my head out.

I also write, cause I would like to think I can. I sometimes think I’m funny. Some of the stuff I write is funny to certain people, because of a conversation we have had  or a something we heard together or something that I heard and they didn’t think I was really paying attention… so I throw it in a blog to see if they catch it. I like that kind of humor… sometimes dry… probably often so.

I also write, cause I hope sometimes I have something important to share things going on in my family, with my kids, my neighbors that I think we could all learn from. Sometimes it’s what God is doing in my life or in the lives of the people I care about.

So I write and write and write…


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