Happy Birthday to….. ME!

Yep tomorrow I was, 38 years ago tomorrow, I was brought into this world.

Thirty Eight really has no significance in the birthday sense. So I was thinking…. well today I can celebrate that I have spent 15 birthdays with my wife… not all as my wife but with her nonetheless. That’s pretty cool. I have spent 7 with my daughter and five with my son. All cool.

I have spent 12 years celebrating my birthday in this part of the world… some in Juarez, six I think and seven in El Paso. That’s pretty cool. Seven as a Mexican and Six as a Texan. Still an Oregonian at heart though.

So what am I gonna do… well first I’m gonna wake up and the pest control people are gonna come and spray for bugs… before the summer rush comes.

Then I’m gonna get out my shop vac and clean my car. I might even buy one of those smelly thingy’s.

Then if there’s time I’m gonna replace the battery in my motorcycle and adjust the clutch. Know anyone that wants to buy a vintage Yamaha? It’s almost as old as me… am I vintage?

Then to cap off the day, my lovely bride is taking me out. I don’t know where… or to do what. Can’t wait.

Commence with the singing…. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to….

Struggling with what  to give me…

Suggestion 1     Suggestion 2      Suggestion 3


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  1. haha Why on earth will you want a Gorila suit!!?

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