Compelled by Love – Ed Stetzer

compelI’m knocking another book of my stack of unfinished books from 2008. Something makes me doubt I’ll get through them all this year either, but I’m giving it a shot. So the book I’m starting with is by Ed Stetzer called, “Compelled by Love.”

The first quote from his book is this… “For God so loved the world that he did something.” Does that sound familiar? It is John 3.16. “For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only Son…”

“That he did something.” I like it… because I think it can translate to our situation well. Do we love the world? How do we know, we do something. We can’t go by the poor, the homeless, the struggling, the lonely and not do anything, if we say we love the world.

then we’ll do something.

What? I don’t know. You and I could probably look at the same homeless person. You might take them into your home, I might by them groceries. I might take them to lunch you might sit down and talk with them. We must do something.

But how do we get over ourselves? How do we get our needs and wants out of the way long enough to see the needs of others? What makes us even care? It comes from a change in our hearts and the way that happens is through God’s love towards us. His love for us compels us to love others. I’m learning how to do that… I’m learning how to truly believe that and live in the that reality… That God loves me.


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