It’s Wednesday… and I’m still stuck on Mark… ugh.

handstouchSo, I’m thinking about that passage we looked at on Monday. I focused on the compassion that Jesus had for the man in his current state… leper, rejected, alone, unwanted. “LORD IF YOU’RE WILLING” He cries out.

Jesus more than anyone must know how he feels.

The man was created for relationship. Jesus knows the man, maybe better than the man knows himself… and Jesus knows he was created to live with others in community. But that’s not the way it stands right now. He’s alone, rejected; he’s separate. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

So what does Jesus do? He touches.

Do you see that, did you read it, or did it come and go too fast, skimmed right past it to the healing?

Why didn’t Jesus just heal him. We read on other occasions that Jesus healed from afar.

He touches the man.

I think this is important, I think it’s more important than the actual healing.


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