Going thru boxes…

We’ve begun working thru the clutter in the garage… and by clutter I mean a ton of junk that has been in there for too many years.

Well the clutter we started on wasn’t junk, it was pictures that should have been put away a little better, but moving forward… in the mix of pictures were a few cards that we found from around the time our daughter was born. I was taking a trip with a friend of mine about 10 hours into Mexico and into the mountains another three hours. We were taking food and clothes to the Tarahumara indians living in the mountains and who had been struggling with years of drought.

Anyway leaving my wife and new born daughter I decided I would treat my wife with a card each day. As we read over the cards it was cool… and then my wife made a interesting observation…

Each card’s humor was based on sex… which lead to another observation on my wifes part… “It’s nice to know that some things never change… after so many years you’re still obsessed with sex.”

After that comment… I couldn’t say anything… because I couldn’t stop laughing.card

A bit middeschoolish… mmmm yeah, but it was still funny.


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