Compelled by Love

compel“Once we are lovingly called and redeemed by God, our lives change.” ~ Stetzer in Compelled by love, pg. 41.

I find that we try to force change. If you are Christian, then you act this way, you dress this way, you talk this way, and you definitely wouldn’t do that… whatever that is for you or your tribe. For some it’s drink, some instrumental music, others, dance, gamble… I’m sure the list is a mile long. Oh and listen to that kind of music… I’m sure that’s on the list somewhere.

But the truth is, changed is not from the outside… sure we can force it, we can push it on a person, but the change is only on the outside, or motivated by guilt, shame, fear.

If we want true change, well then it’s got to happen from the inside out and the only one with the ability or power to do that is Jesus. Changed by love from the inside will change the outside… but that change will probably not if we’re really honest not be what we think it will be, what we think is right… again back to that list. God has a list and I’m quite sure there are things on ours that aren’t on his.

Even our children will be rebellious little punks. Oh I know they’re cute and I love mine dearly. Even when my 6 year old son says “talk to the hand” to my wife and I want to smack him up side the head. Jesus is the only one that can change them too. I can do my part, but Jesus, he does the real change.

When we are lovingly called and redeemed… God will change us.


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