My neighbors

roThis is our p:west gathering. The guy in the chair is a pretty incredible musician, singer, composer, arranger and a bunch of other music type things that I know nothing about. He and his wife moved into our neighborhood about seven months ago and it has been great to know them over the past few months. This is his first time to play with us.

You can check out some of his and his wife’s music at I’m trying to get them to share some of their other rmusic too, I’m honestly blown away. I can’t wait to see how God uses them to use their gifts to engage our world.

Awesome stuff.

His wife is the one in the foreground with long black hair. She won’t let me take her picture. Whatever Pao.


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  1. Hey! haha – I was so connected in the music i didn’t even notice you were taking pictures! 😀

    … It’s a pleasure to be your friends! thanks!

  2. ohhh! and the link to our webpage can’t be seen! so it’s:

    cause the other one’s not it! ha! thanks! 😀

  3. I’m just messing with you Pao… Pffff

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