I like cookies and other chocolate type things, but…

it’s time to kick ole Betty Crocker out of the house.

Up and down… all over the place, it’s been an interesting ride for me over the past few years. For a 5’10” guy I reached 252 pounds… and that was a lot at least it was for me and the doc at the time. I was near diabetic and cholesterol was through the roof. The doc gave me time … three months to be exact to get some movement in the right direction or it was drugs ole steve-O drugs.

Lipitor and I were gonna start hanging out together.

During that stint of getting my stuff in order, I knocked out 50 pounds. People thought I was sick.

Anyway, I’ve not stuck to that and have added a few… uh… a chunk of those back and I’m done with it for now and I’m putting it on here for some accountability… if I’m eating out with you get on my case.

I’m shooting for 25 pounds. That means no desserts, no fraps, etc, etc. I’m cutting back and gonna do a better job of working out. I want to be 220ish… no more than 225 by the end of the year. That’s honestly only 15 -20 pounds I haven’t weighed myself in a while, I just know that my knees hurt and don’t like going up stairs and I’m using some of my elementary schooling and limited understanding of gravity to say, if I lose a few pounds I could probably make some parts of my life a bit better.

So there it is.


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