So in a short three months I’ll be taking a trip to the Islands of Fiji. Yep the white sandy beaches… nice hotels… seafood…. NOT THIS TIME.

I’m going to Fiji, because as it is in most beautiful places around the world, you can find poverty. In Fiji nearly a half million people don’t have access to clean water. Can you imagine that? REALLY? I really can’t. Growing up in the states I’ve always had it. Growing up in the Northwest I’ve always had great cold water straight from the tap. So I really can’t imagine not having access to it.

So I want to help people get it. I live a pretty easy life if I’m honest. Oh there are bad days, but nothing in comparison to their struggle.

So I want to help. And I’m going to. I’m not sure how at this point, I know we’re going, but we need some cash. So I really don’t know who all reads this, but hey if you’ve got some extra cash around and want to help me help around 600 people be able to drink clean water and not get sick anymore… mmmm… can you leave a comment… and I’ll get in touch. Or you can email me… jollyshouse at gmail dot com.

If not… prayers would be great too, really… but I need cash too. Just being honest.


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