Vacation Time… but to where?

We’ve been looking forward to a road trip to Mt. Rushmore for a few months now. A couple days ago, as the day for hitting the road tics closer, we decided to check the weather… and it’s rain, rain, rain. And we were going cheap this time around… hauling our 60 year old tent trailer. But 4 days in a tent trailer with rain doesn’t sound so fun. A little rain okay, we could call it a bonding experience, but four days… we decided to postpone our trip to Mt. Rushmore for another day.

But what to do? Hmmm. Not sure. We were thinking a run up to Alpine, Az. Do some camping, fishing, but after the past couple days we decided against that too.

I think we’ve got it now, but no more throwing it out there for us. We’ll wait til we arrive. Could change… I might have a dream tonight and decide we’re going to DC… tent trailer in tow. I doubt it but who knows.


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  1. Hi there…this is Nicole from the South Dakota Office of Tourism. I’m glad to hear you are planning a vacation to South Dakota. It’s too bad that you got rained out! The weather can change quickly, though. Warm (sometimes hot) days and mild nights are the norm mid-June through mid-September…perfect for camping! For more information, you can go to Happy Planning! 🙂

  2. Hey Nicole! Thanks for your comment and the link. We’re planning on getting up there, it’ll just have to be another time. Hopefully soon.

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